Rent To Own
PS-20       $4465
PS-21       $4100
PS-22       $2555
         PS-23       $2400         
PS-24       $2275
Large Boat            $3995               
    PS-4           $2775      
     PS-5             $2445
       PS-6               $1995    
PS-7           $1605 
PS-8            $1288
Dream Harbor- Boat & Castle attached
Castle           $4730.00                

Play set site must be level: if not level it must be prepared before delivery. For play set we need clearance as wide as play set plus 6 inches. There is a $75.00 charge for fence removal, but please remember there are some fences we can't remove. Please call the delivery crew before delivery date. An additional $250.00 charge will be added for having to return because of inaccessibility and may also delay re-delivery for up to 6 weeks.
Thank You
All monthly payments are plus tax
All tax is based on 7%
All pricing includes natural sealer

HW20      22'x22'
HW21      24'x24'
HW22      11'x32'
HW23      16'x23'
HW24      10'x26'
Lg. Boat   19'x23'
HW4        20'x30'
HW5        12'x32'
HW6        18'x21'
HW7        16'x22'
HW8        16'x20'
HW9        12'x12'

Please allow 4' all around for putting in a play ground. Most of the swing-beams are 14' long. The HW6 is 12' long. The swing beams are included in these dimensions.

Swing Set Options

Wooden Double Lawn Swing   $185.00
Rubber Tire Riding Horse   $105.00
12" Wide Rope Ladder   $95.00
Ramp/Walk Plank   $160.00
Stairs/with Hand Rails   $160.00
Tire Swing   $95.00
Rock Wall   $230.00
Baby Swing   $65.00
Green or Yellow Plastic Glider   $90.00

Tube Slide    $550.00
14' Scoop Slide   $320.00
10' Scoop Slide   $200.00
10' Slide   $100'00
8' Slide   $90.00
Soft Grip Swing   $60.00
Trapeze   $53.00
Wooden Glider   $105.00
Steering Wheel   $11.00
Telescope   $11.00

Our new  Dream Harbor Boat and Castle
PS 5
PS 6
PS 8
PS 21
PS 24
PS 20
PS 22
 AFFECTIVE 4/13/17 ALL SETS ADD $250.00 for delivery and set up anywhere in OHIO